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As INTPs mature, they continue their quest for logical purity, but now it includes more balance in their activities. Explanation of Problems Nearly all of the problematic characteristics described above can be attributed in various degrees to the common INTP problem of only taking in information that relates to or supports their own life experience. Indeed, the sensing function is usually very well developed in its strongly Si mode and forms a strong partnership with the Ti core. Every INTP experiences it differently. For the INTP, doing supports and subordinates thinking. INFJ — 90 Chances are, some part of you has always felt older than those around you.
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ESTJs combine the playful, gregarious spirit of a young college bro with the responsibility and diligence of a fully-formed adult. They are content to sit back and think about what might work, given their view of the situation. If they need to say something unpleasant to someone close to them, they would prefer to avoid this task for fear of the disharmony that may result. The general style of the home is largely irrelevant. They are, however, often excellent teachers, particularly for advanced students, although INTP's do not always enjoy much popularity, for they can be hard taskmasters. An example of this: Because Ti types can gather the key points of what someone is saying very quickly, and Si stores away any pertinent data as soon as it hears it, TiNe types may simply stop listening after they feel they understand what the other person is saying. However, the dreaded event is usually far less of a problem than had been imagined and usually brings with it a sense of satisfaction.
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INTP vs INTJ – Complete Guide – Myers-Briggs

Instead of taking chances on making connections the INTP might find themselves cold and distant to most people they meet or encounter in life. The general style of the home is largely irrelevant. Examples of modern classical composers who particularly speak to the Ti core might be Simpson, Arnold, Holmboe, Maxwell-Davies and Shostakovich. The opinions of others are rarely given much weight in themselves. If he wishes to encourage the emotional person, the INTP tends to resort to giving T-based solutions to the problems involved. Much of your sense of well-being will come from these experiences.
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This emphasizes a strong sense of universality in the progression of time, just as it emphasizes the seriousness with which INTPs approach their interests. Low confidence level INTP: Sits in the back corner of the classroom, cringing and ducking when the instructor scans the classroom for people to pick on for answers. At midlife the INTP might do well to work on increasing awareness of emotional responses, responding to the value preferences of others, and verbalizing to others the INTP's awareness of these values. To know is everything, to do is a lower order necessity, if it is necessary at all. Si enjoys having data that is broken down into its smallest, most simplified parts. Much confusion surrounds internet forums regarding the similarities between INTJs and INTPs despite the fact they have no cognitive functions in common.
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